Daniel Patrick McGowan    
Daniel Patrick McGOWAN Passed away on 11/24/2008 in Seattle, Washington. He was born on 11/08/1946 in Glendale, California and lived for some time in Italy and Colorado, but has been a resident of Seattle for the past 30 years and also spent many years visiting Mexico annually where he has many friends and loved ones. Dan was a spiritual, artistic and loving man and a beloved husband, father, brother, uncle, grandfather and friend. He will be deeply missed. Dan is survived by his loving wife Anne, siblings Rory, Michelle, and Scott; children Nathaniel, Rose, Daisy, Eva, Viola, James, and Rebecca Anne; stepchildren, Trisha, Brent and Amy; and 7 beloved grandchildren. Please visit our memorial website and leave stories and thoughts of Dan at http://inmemoryofdanielmcgowan.wordpress.com/I feel like such an amazing life cannot be summed up in one paragraph.  Please add what you would like to see in his obituary to the comment field, and I will add it on to the body of the post.
Here is a piece written by Dan’s sister, Rory McGowan:
How do I talk about my brother Danny? He was the head of our family since our dad passed which has been a long time. I guess he will continue to be in many ways. He leaves behind so many wonderful kids and a huge body of his life’s work. He was born to draw, paint, and create with his hands. 
When he was a kid his comic strips and cartoons made us go nuts with laughter. Thank God we had that laughter. He could turn any situation into the ridiculous and humorous. Gosh could he draw. Always won all those school drawing things.
As a young dude in the 60’s and 70’s he produced stunning rock concert posters and other great psychedelic work. They were really amazing.
He moved to Italy and to support his family he became a prolific and highly adaptable artist as he needed to get any work he could. Out of this time he did such great work. Gorgeous rococo inspired panettone boxes (Italian christmas bread), beautiful and famous packaging for Perugina Chocolates. He did work for leather companies, car companies, book companies, clothing and tons of others. All fabulous. I showed this artwork to all of my friends. I was so proud of him. I never knew anyone could do all this.
When he moved back to America he continued to produce incredible art for Celestial Seasonings Tea Co. (the original boxes), Disney Studios, Nintendo and much much more. His signature airbrush style was unmistakably cool. I loved his art deco spaceships.
Whether it was books full of his charming sketches or his larger than life awesome murals, all of his work drew you in and lifted you up. He wanted to lift people up. Art was his constant for work, play and spiritual expression.
Danny was so very humble about about his artwork. I witnessed a lifetime of his immense contribution to beauty and humour. He was the greatest artist I have ever known.
To my dear, sentimental brother
Rest in Peace 
Love, Rory